Venue Spotlight - Buttle Farm, Wiltshire

Take a look at this wonderful wedding with a difference – done beautifully, certainly different, allowing the character of the bride and groom to shine through for a day full of laughter, love and fun! That's what a wedding at Buttle Farm is all about. Read more

The best season for your UK wedding

Traditionally the UK wedding season runs from late May until August but in recent years this has stretched out to cover a majority of the year with only November and January being seen as the low season months in many venues.
So what has changed our minds about when we get married? Read more

Venue Spotlight - Warmwell House

Rarely do you come across a venue with such stunning grandeur that makes you feel at home the moment you walk through the door. In September 2017 I was fortunate enough to enjoy the most wonderful hospitality at this incredible wedding venue thanks to the delightful owners Sam and Serena.
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Married couples meshing surnames

There is a growing trend of couples choosing to merge their surnames to create a whole new family name. It's a trend that is slowly gaining popularity with UK brides which really made me think, what's in a name? Read more